WP LogicMelon WordPress Plugin

Welcome. WP LogicMelon is a WordPress plugin from the maker of the WP Broadbean plugin for WordPress. The plugin allows you to post jobs, added in LogicMelon recruitment software to your WordPress website.

WP Logic Melon Integrates Logic Melon with WordPress
WP LogicMelon Integrates Logic Melon with WordPress

When jobs are posted to your WordPress site, it means you can drive candidate traffic to your website, have candidates apply for jobs on your own website, but still have the applications tracked through the LogicMelon software along with applications from other sources.

The plugin adds the following features to your WordPress site:

  • Custom Post types for jobs to allow you to keep jobs separate from your sites other content such as blog posts and pages
  • Custom taxonomies for location, industry, job type and job skills so each job can have specific data assigned to it
  • Custom meta data for each job for such things as salary, start date, contact email address and job reference
  • An application form to allow candidates to apply for specific jobs attaching a PDF version of their CV. All applications are then shown with the LogicMelon software.

Additional services can also be offered such as (please get in touch for a quote):

  • Auto expiration of jobs meaning that jobs can be set to be removed from your WordPress site after a specific time-frame automatically
  • Advanced search allows candidate to carry out granular searches on jobs such as jobs within a specific industry with certain keywords and specific salary requirements
  • Geolocation functionality allowing jobs to be advertised at a specific location and then candidates can search for jobs a certain distance from a postcode for example.